Little Peppertree Philosophy

Little Peppertree Preschool is a small homely and welcoming Preschool licensed for 25 children from two to five years. The staff are experienced, friendly and dedicated. They offer friendship, support and guidance to build meaningful and engaging relationships with children and their families.

We believe children are capable and resourceful learners. Our focus is to foster children's self esteem and love of learning so that they become confident and capable learners and that they are prepared for a smooth and positive transition to school. Our programme offers a balance of structured and free choice learning experiences that are flexible and responsive to children's individual interests and learning styles. We provide children with opportunities to explore, investigate and test their own working theories developing cognitive, physical and social and emotional skills.

Little Peppertree Programme

Our programme offers a balance between structured and free choice learning experiences. The monthly focus comes from the children's interests and includes dress up days, community excursions including bus trips. Each week we focus on a colour, shape, number and letter.

Our programme is based on the curriculum for early childhood centres - Te Whaariki. We provide the children with opportunities to explore the 16 areas of play. We carefully plan our indoor and outdoor environments to meet the children's individual learning goals providing them with stimulating and fun activities.

We have mini group times in the morning where the children are spilt into three groups and the teachers prepare activities which meet the developmental needs of the children. Before lunch we gather together and then have a music and movement group time before afternoon tea.

Our natural outdoor environment includes real grass, a path for scooters and bikes, sandpit, lots of equipment to climb and explore, vege gardens and a covered verandah so that we can still get outside on rainy days.

Profile Books

Each child at Little Peppertree has their own profile book which is a record of their learning journey. These contain learning stories (narrative documentations of your child's learning), photos, milestone achievements and learning goals for each child. Learning goals are set by the parents twice each year. Teachers then use teaching strategies to support your child's learning and development to meet goals. Progress and outcomes are documented through learning stories.

We are also recording your child’s learning online through “Storypark”. The aim of Storypark is to develop a strong partnership between teachers and parents/whanau and to increase family involvement. 

Using Storypark you will be able to contribute to your child’s Learning Portfolio.  You are also able to invite other people, especially extended family members to view and contribute to your child’s Portfolio. 

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