Our Fees

We offer a variety of session options and can extend these to suit everyone:

  • 9-3 session (for 0-3 years)
  • Half day 8:30-12.30 or 12.30 to 4.30
  • 8.30-3.30 or 9-4 or 8-3 session
  • Full day (more than 7 hours)
  • Full time 7.30 to 5.30

No fees are charged for public holidays.

An income tested subsidy may also be available through Work and Income New Zealand.

We offer the government subsidised 20 hours ECE for children aged three to five years.

For more information on our fees please see the parent portal or contact us.

20 Hours ECE

We offer the government subsidised 20 hours ECE where the first 20 hours are free for children three to five years.  This is limited to six hours per day and 20 hours per week . You will be required to complete a "20 hours ECE Attestation Form", to confirm the number of hours that your child will attend and you wish to be subsidised for.

We will provide you with a form to complete.  Once completed and the hours attested for, the first 20 hours are free! Beyond 20 hours, fees will be charged for at the usual hourly or daily rate.  We don't require any extra optional charges.  For more information about the 20 Hours ECE see www.minedu.govt.nz.